el funkyfono es un microfono piezzoelectrico, osea tiene que estar pegado al material que se quiere amplificar, el proceso de produccion del microfo es muy sencillo en un conector RCA se solda un cable a cada uno de sus lados positivo y negativo, y luego se soldan los respectivos a los respectivos polos del buzzer piezzoelectrico.


interview/ second part

Eduardo Kac is an Brazilian contemporary artst internationally recognized for his
interactive net installations and his bio-art.

in his web ::: www.ekac.org

looking at telecommunication art you will find a lot of documentation of kac´s projects
and events created and produced by kac before web.

and I was thinking that would be feed with references our projects…

out of kac but still into bioart
Another very interesting spot would be all references about genetic music,
because with PD and all those free librarys of DNA and proteins secuences
we will be able to explore science and art from our new electronic view.in process.

profile Darsha Hewitt Hola Amigas y amigos!