So it looks like it’s done!!! yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy just need to double check the signal w the chinese sticks, do some sodering, and puts th knobs back in!!

aki el link para que vean el mixeerrrrr

Big thanks to my sensei Darsha san

yeah a lot of ideas come out of this….it’s something that Darsha mentioned in class ..(there is a link all the way down if you can’t see this..

so it actually works although it brings down the level quite a bit, kind of like an attenuator pad @ -10db in a mixing board , an interesting thing!!! maybe it would be cool to actually measure the attenuation and see how much is the value @.

we could be selling paper attenuator pads inside a black box and be rich!! hahaha..

Nop not there yet with the mixer but getting close … here are some pics of the progress!!

despues de pensarlo mucho decidi quedarme otros dias para tomar el taller!!! feliz, asi que os dare lata tios y tias.. joder es que mola mucho el taller.. viva la madre patria.. hahaha.


I decided to bend my Oxygen 8 Keyboard! and build in a passive line mixer in there!!… with the assistance of Darsha of course. Here are two new potenciometers just installed I still have to find space for 4 more, and also a good place for the inputs (RCA) but it should look something close to the drawing!

BEnt Oxygen New potenciometers

First Day Of Circuit Bending in Merida

On Monday June 15th the first circuit bending workshop in the peninsula of Yucatan was held at Esay´s Escuela de Artes visuales/ferrocarriles (Visual Arts School) by Two Canadian artists Darsha Hewit an Alexandre Quessy. It´s the first Circuit bending workshop ever in the Yucatan and hopefully not the last one, it will be 3 weeks long of fun and interaction with electronics, thirsty for knowledge students a squeaky roof and enough spanish practice to have our Canadian friends sing the Cucaracha.

Circuit bending 1Byrt with studentsMore soldering

Piezo electric mics tour

On the second day we used a piezo component and converted it to a Mic after some basic soldering (soldering a RCA jack) the next asigment was using the piezo mic to amplify anything that we could think of. that is where the fun part started…. as you can imagine we tried everything till we ended up amplifying the schools bathroom…. nop! nobody was using them and more importantly nobody’s bladder was hurt! 😛

Here is RCA Jack

Male RCA jack