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see semana 3 for the esquemática y lista de componentes


See Semana 2 for an updated and modified version of the esquemática

1 x LM556 (circuito integrado)
1 x 9 volt battery
1 x 9 volt battery clip
1 x audio jack (female rca)
1 x on/off toggle switch
1 x 500k Linear Potentiometer
1 x Alligator clip
1 x 1k resistor (1/4 watt)
1 x 10k resistor (1/4 watt)
1 x 4.7k resistor (1/4 watt)
1 x 10 nf (103) capacitor
1 x 100nf (104) capacitor
1 x 10 uf electrolytic capacitor (polarized) (5 volt to 15 volt wattage rating)

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